Honda Accord V 6 or Four Cylinder

Many mid-size sedans offer a more powerful engine instead of a base, economy-minded four cylinder. In the 2017 Honda Accord, a 278-horsepower V-6 replaces the standard 185-hp four-cylinder. You’re looking at a minimum $30,000 to get a V-6 because that engine is only available on higher-end trims. Is it worth it? We pitted the four-cylinder against the six-cylinder in fuel economy and acceleration tests to find out.

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the six-cylinder is faster and the four-cylinder is more fuel-efficient. We compared the most-expensive four-cylinder EX-L with navigation and Honda Sensing, which stickered for $31,655, and a V-6 Touring that racked up the bill to $35,665. The big question, of course, is what do you get for the added cost? Much to our surprise, the V-6 proved to be more than just a little faster. Watch the video for more.

The most-extreme GT package is Performance Intake & Calibration Power Pack 3. For $2,395, the third package adds a GT350 intake manifold to the second power package’s contents and boosts peak power 37 hp and 5 pounds-feet of torque to 472 hp and 405 pounds-feet of torque. Ford Performance says a mighty 60 hp is gained at the now-7,500-rpm redline, up from 7,000 rpm.

Premium fuel of 91 octane or above is required on all four-cylinder or V-8 packages. Installing go-fast parts adds an inherent risk to the rest of the vehicle, but that’s less of a concern with the Ford Performance warranty, which covers potential breakage caused by the installed parts for 36 months or 36,000 miles from the original warranty start date. Beyond that, the original powertrain warranty of five years/60,000 miles covers parts not broken because of Ford Performance parts, but anything related to the installed parts isn’t covered. Click here for more details on Ford Performance’s warranty.